Our certifications

We are certified in several different fields. We meet high requirements in areas such as quality, colour management and minimised environmental footprint. . 

ISO 9001

ISO 9001Specific requirements for quality management, requiring us to provide products that meet the customers’ needs, as well as applicable legal requirements. 
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ISO 14001

ISO 14001Outlines the requirements for an environmental management system, enabling us to develop and introduce policies and set targets in accordance with legal requirements and important environmental aspects.
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Nordic Swan

SvanenNordic Swan is the official sustainability ecolabel for the Nordic countries. Swan-marking of printed material means that the publication meets a number of environmental requirements and has a small environmental footprint, relative to the norm. 

A Swan-marked printing company looks at environmental impact in the broadest possible sense. It’s about using the resources in the best way as well as replacing polluting and harmful chemicals with better alternatives. The Swan also promotes production that makes it easier to recycle printed material. 
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FSC ® - Forest Stewardship Council ®

FSCFSC marking of printed matter means that you take a social responsibility. It means, among other things, promoting responsible use of products from the forest, ensuring that workers in the forest industry have good conditions and that local communities in the forest are not disadvantaged. 
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Climate compensation

KlimatkompenseraWe offer customers the possibility to climate compensate when buying paper. The fee, which compensates for the CO2 emissions caused by manufacturing and transporting the paper, goes to planting new forests in Mozambique. As a reward for your contribution, you are entitled to mark your publication with the new symbol for Climate Compensated paper. 
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CGP – Certified Graphic Production

CGPThe certification follows the international standard ISO 12647-2 and means that both the customer and we as a printing company have full control of colour management throughout the process – from colour proof to the complete product, with predictable result. 
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